Shoe essentials by local brands for your capsule wardrobe

Having a large wardrobe doesn’t always mean we have the right pieces to create the looks we want. That’s why many people turn to and build capsule wardrobes instead.

A few basic pieces will go a long way if curated thoughtfully and styled correctly. Finding shoes to go along with your clothes may seem tricky, but there are trusty shoe staples that work well with various looks. 

To help you put more spring in your step this year, here are our top six picks (including recommendations from local brands) that can complete your arsenal of looks—and leave you stomping happily in the new year.


Straightforward Women’s Superlight White Sneakers

Having sneakers that can handle your on-the-go lifestyle is a must.  You can trust yourself to comfortably run around and maximize your pair with different styles, especially since they’re basic everyday shoes like these all-white sneakers from Straightforward that can also be dressed up if paired with your chic outfits. 


Penshoppe Chunky Loafers with Tassel

Loafers may seem like a pair for formal functions, but they can be dressed down when paired with jeans and sweaters. Loafers like this pair from Penshoppe give any outfit a bold and smart edge, thanks to interesting details like tassels. 

Ballet flats

Andanté The Ballerine Flat in White

The comfort and class these flats give make them a must for your capsule wardrobe. Look for a design that’s classic but still chic like this pair from Andanté that makes you look elegantly effortless and comfortable, thanks to its cushion soles and wide shoe design that won’t constrict movement. Whether paired with blouses and skirts or tees and shorts, these flats will give you a cute flair.


SoFab Mariella Heel Sandals

Not all heels are a pain. You can find pairs that can still bring you more confidence at not-so-intimidating heel heights. There are many heel height options in the market, so try to look for ones that you could still comfortably walk on. Black strappy three-inch stilettos like SoFab’s Mariella Heel Sandals are a good start if you’re a newbie to strutting in heels.

Meraniel Lyra 0.5″ Heels

Chunky heels are great alternatives for girlies who want to be more comfortable. Kitten heels are also back in style, thanks to the renewed interest in the Y2K aesthetic. You can also opt for low block heels like Meraniel’s Lyra 0.5″ Heels.


Renegade Folk Stay Sandals

One of the perks of living in a tropical country is having every excuse to wear sandals. These chic sandals from Renegade Folk give a relaxed look that’s perfect for everyday runs. Don’t worry about being too casual since these can be dressed in any way that fits your mood.

Art by Ella Lambio

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