5 Easy Steps to Having Longer and Thicker Lashes

Long, full lashes will always be on-trend any season. Beyond searching for the best mascara out there, lash care is important in keeping the hairs around your peepers looking their best.

We checked in with dermatologist Dr. Chariza Tan of Skinplicity to ask just how should we care for our lashes and what we can do to make them longer and fuller even without makeup.

#1 Be gentle
When it comes to cleansing your eye makeup, avoid rubbing your lashes. Being too rough with them can make them fall out or stunt their growth. “[When removing your makeup you should use] a cotton with your trusted makeup remover and wash your face with a mild soap,” Dr. Chariza tells us.

#2 Make your mascara count
When it comes to your mascara, Dr. Chariza advises to “select them wisely.” Some of them may contain parabens, prostaglandins, and allergens that may cause damage to the lashes and even eye infections. And even when you find your perfect tube, Dra. Chariza tells that it is best to dispose of mascara every six months as the wet, enclosed solution in the tube is the best place for bacteria to grow in. Avoid also pumping your mascara as the air you incorporate can bring in unwanted germs into the tube.

#3 Don’t be a faker; go natural
If you’re thinking about getting lash extensions anytime soon, think again. “I discourage frequent application of lash extensions because real lashes may be removed especially for lash extensions,” shares the doctor. She also isn’t too keen on applying false lashes often as it can make you prone to eye infections such as blepharitis and also increases your risks of suffering from corneal abrasions.

#4 Look for a good lash serum
If the statements above leave with you with little hope of getting longer and thicker lashes quickly, don’t fret. You can always opt for lash serums like the Measurable Difference Amplifying Lash Serum. A thin liquid you can apply to your lash roots like you would apply eyeliner, Dr. Chariza approves of applying a lash serum once or twice a day to also nourish them and help maintain their natural state. However, not all lash serums are created equal “[You should look for] lash serums that contain natural extracts and conditioning agents such as glycerin, cellulose, and peptides,” Dr. Chariza tells us.

#5 Know how to use your tools properly
Lastly, Dr. Chariza tells us that cutting your lashes will not help them grow longer and thicker unlike what certain myths would tell you. So keep those eyebrow scissors away. “It’s more of the genes that will determine if you’ll have thick lashes,” she says. If you do cut your lashes, prepare to wait for a while for them to grow back as it can take up to four months.

When using eyelash curlers, never forget to replace the pads once they’ve gone flat. Otherwise, you might end up cutting your lashes. Also, always curl your lashes first before applying mascara, not the other way around. Mascara can make your lashes stiff and makes them easier to be accidentally cut off by your curler.


Art by Dorothy Guya

Olivia Sylvia Trinidad: