This Is What We Could’ve Done with Marcos’ Ill-Gotten Wealth

The Presidential Commission on Good Government outlines exactly what we could’ve done with the jewels lining Imelda Marcos’ coffers. In their Virtual Jewelry Exhibit,  they showcase 13 of just the many jewelry pieces Imelda hoarded over the years in equally extravagant trips all over the world.

If you’ve ever complained about the train being ineffecient, know that a brooch and earring set made with emeralds Imelda has costs around 15 percent of the constuction of the LRT 2. A ruby and diamond brooch can help 1,725 agrarian reform beneficiaries through easier farming tools and systems. One brooch s equal to an entire government program that could feed thousands of people…for generations

Here are five of the most outrageous pieces, based on the projects they can support.



One must not forget that these baubles—things Imelda believed the Filipinos wanted for her—cost us years of poverty and even more years of debt. This is where your taxes went, just in case you needed reminding.

Photos courtesy of the Presidential Commission  on Good Goverment

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Olivia Sylvia Trinidad: