Major Fashion Label In Trouble for Too Thin Model

Saint Laurent is under fire once more for their latest ads featuring a model that’s been deemed too thin and is photographed in “degrading” postions. The comment comes from the L’Autorité de Régulation Professionnelle de la Publicité (ARPP) in Paris

The ads are currently banned in the UK. It also looks like they will be undergoing investigation. There is concern on how model Fernanda Oliveir’s skinny frame might be sending an unhealthy message to young girls. On top of this, the model’s poses which puts her crotch on display do not promote the “dignity and respect in the representation of the person,” said the ARRP.

What do you think? Are the ads offensive or is the censorship going too far in prescribing what is an acceptable frame to photograph?


Photos courtesy of Fashionista

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Olivia Sylvia Trinidad: