LOOK: The Outrageous Wings at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

The year won’t be complete without the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Teased all throughout the past few months, we will finally revel in the different looks and models that make the runway a visual treat. Aside from the Fantasy Bra, the edgy Balmain collab, and the beautiful lingerie sets, the show is never complete without the wings.

These famous Victoria’s Secret angel wings always make you go wow. Olivier Rousteing delivered his signature design with wings made of safety pins. But other than that, there were also a few ethereal-looking ones, others that referenced different cultural influences, and there were some that were made of flowers.

They may look dreamy but take note that they are no joke. They can take 400 hours to make and can weigh up to 60 lbs. No wonder you have to be fit and in shape to be an angel!

Click on the slideshow above to see our favorite angels from this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! 



Photos courtesy of Vogue

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Olivia Sylvia Trinidad: