Men Are Doing Rihanna’s Body Lava Video in the Most Creative Ways Possible

Remember Rihanna’s video where she revealed the Body Lava while almost-sensually applying it on her shoulder? Well, men are recreating it in funny videos and they’re giving us life.

This is part of the #RihannaChallenge, where everyone was free to post their versions of the Body Lava video. But the men took the challenge to a whole new level by using lotion, body oil, and even ketchup. As for their “kabuki brushes,” they used a broom, a hairbrush, and a piece of bread. Take note that they also copied Rihanna’s flirty look while doing this.

There are also videos on Reddit and they’re just as hilarious.

How’s that for brightening your morning up? If you want to join in on the Body Lava craze, you might have to wait for it to be restocked on Sephora PH. Good thing someone came up with a homemade dupe using highlighter pigment and baby oil, so you can use that for your over-the-shoulder videos.



Photo courtesy of Rihanna’s Instagram account

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