A ‘90s girl’s guide to dressing up like your childhood hero

’90s kids, where you at? They say we as a bunch love to reminisce about things. Everything’s a throwback in some way these days. I don’t know about that, but there is one thing I miss about my childhood: the cartoons. Don’t get me wrong, we have pretty good cartoon shows today, too. Of course, things are different when nostalgia comes into play. Recently, I’ve been feeling more and more hung up on those magical times, when life was all about these wonderful characters, and I just thought, what better way to revisit my childhood than dress like them this Halloween? So I made this simple list. I went with female characters I looked up to as a child because they truly were such a significant part of me growing up. This list is far from exhaustive, since I chose characters which I felt were easier to go as this Halloween. Feel free to take your pick.

Kim Possible

Kim Possible is a total boss. I mean, trying to navigate high school drama, cheerleading, and life in general while trying to save the world? You can’t get any more badass than that. To channel this shero, all you need is a cropped black shirt, army green cargo pants, and don’t forget to carry a beeper. How else will your friends call you? Beep you when they wanna reach you.

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Eliza Thornberry

Who else grew up watching The Wild Thornberrys? I remember thinking that this girl with braces and big rounded glasses was so cool! I’ve always wanted a life like hers. I mean, to be able to go on adventures and speak to animals? Yes please. If you’ve already got the braces and glasses down, complete the look with a  yellow dress over a red turtleneck, and wear your hair in tight pigtail braids.

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Helga Pataki

Helga Pataki from Hey, Arnold is a character filled with contradictions. She loves playing contact sports with her male classmates and can be very cynical, tough, and assertive, and she loves to disregard stereotypical female behavior. But also, she can be very emotional, poetic, and caring. She’s also really fond of the color pink and is more feminine with her clothing choice—like the pink dress and bow she’s known for. Her dress is worn over a white shirt and she pairs it with sneakers—quite trendy, actually.

Available at Mango

Ashley Spinelli

No one understands the drama that goes on in the school playground as much as the show Recess did. It’s a war out there, and it never hurts to have your gang with you. I think it’s so awesome that the toughest one of the Recess bunch is actually a girl. Yup, I’m talking about Ashley Spinelli. Spinelli speaks her mind—sometimes she does more than that. Let’s just say, if a fight breaks out, I’d want someone like her on my team too, but it’s also better if I can be that someone. If you wanna channel this tough chick, feel free to go as her this Halloween. Go find yourself a red dress, a leather jacket, red-and-orange striped socks, black moto boots, and an orange beanie.

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Nancy Drew

While she isn’t a TV cartoon character, I decided to include her here because the Nancy Drew books became sort of a literary life blood for me when I was younger. Mystery books are always a joy to read, and having a smart teenage girl at the center of it just makes all the sleuthing so much more awesome. If you wanna channel this mystery-solving gal, opt for the very ‘90s plaid skirt, vest, stocking and loafers combo, similar to how they did it in the 2007 film starring Emma Roberts.

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Art by Marian Hukom

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