5 rising Filipina R&B artists to watch out for

The local music scene is booming thanks to a new wave of local artists that have also caught the attention of international audiences. We’ve been seeing past trends coming back and getting revivals, and the same can be said in the music scene. While R&B didn’t exactly lie low into obscurity, other genres overtook it on the airwaves for some time. But now it’s experiencing a resurgence, as more and more new artists incorporate the smooth, lush tones of R&B in their releases.

Emerging local artists play a part in this genre’s recent rise, with their releases shooting to popularity on social media platforms like TikTok. Thanks to the social media platform, local artists are given a new playground to spread their talent. With their fresh upbeat tracks, Filipinos are quick to catch on and create imaginative ways to use it in their videos.

We’re listing young local artists bringing new energy to OPM and looking good while they’re at it. Dropping fresh tracks for us to bop to, here are five Filipina R&B artists you should look out for.

Denise Julia

Dubbed by fans as the “Patron Saint of Situationships,” Denise Julia has been making herself a staple in the R&B scene. Her song “NVMD” was an instant hit on TikTok in 2022, and she only grew from there. Her latest EP called “Sweet Nothings (Chapter 1)” featured her new single “B.A.D.” which is totally giving us LSS with her Ariana Grande-esque runs, its catchy hook, plus a music video with a banger choreography that makes us want to watch it over and over. Did you notice Drag Race Philippines’ Marina Summers bringing her baddie energy on the set, too?


Influenced by artists such as Jhene Aiko, Demi gives off a similar vibe. Her smooth vocals and good songwriting makes her someone to definitely keep on your radar. Her latest single “Pakundangan” featuring Hev Abi shows off a lyrical depth perfect for OPM jam nights.  


The alpha female theme is common in the rap scene, but Zae takes it to new heights with her unapologetic bad b*tch swagger. But while Zae is also famous for her covers and freestyles that she posts on social media, nothing beats her own badass anthems.


Pronounced as “Deni,” this artist serves quintessential Filipina R&B with her smooth vocals and flow. Her song “Gusto With Ya” released three years ago still hits top charts today. Her latest seven-track album “LOVES7AGE” featuring artists like Arthur Nery, Just Hush, and Third Flo’ has us all up in our feelings, yearning hard.

Illest Morena

Illest Morena broke through the scene with her hit “Pick Up,” a song that took over TikTok, and currently has 4 million streams on Spotify. Her recently released song “Faded (Raw)” is also brewing up a storm. By reclaiming her morena features through her stage name, she says she aims to get past the bullying she endured and help empower her listeners to embrace their skin color, too.

Header image by Ella Lambio 

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