Matched her freak! Pura Luka Vega performs Chappell Roan’s ‘Good Luck, Babe!’ at ‘Church’

Pura Luka Vega as Chappell Roan is bound to happen and it did happen last Sunday at queer party Church’s anniversary at Apotheka in Poblacion, Makati. For one, the two artists share a conflicted relationship with religion: Pura was charged with indecency and immorality for her drag performance of the Catholic church song “Ama Namin.” while Chappell is famously raised a “God girl” in a conservative Christian church, which she eventually broke free from through her music.

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The Drag Den alumna is one of four drag performers who graced the Church anniversary party, along with Drag Race Philippines Season 1 contestant Brigiding, Pura’s fellow Drag Den alumna Odasha Flop aka O-A, and drag artist Eliza.

Xtina Superstar

The party started with successive DJ sets by Marky, Church organizer Xtina Superstar, Saint Guel, and Jer Dee, who each brought their signature beats to Apotheka’s high-ceilinged space. This was followed by a powerful performance by Eliza, who lipsynched to Sia’s “Alive” while paying an emphatic tribute to trans women, who suffered from discriminatory attacks against the community—most costing their lives—and the languishing of the SOGIE Bill in Congress. Eliza’s performance ended in a fiery finale where she was surrounded by fire.

Today x Future and Futur:st co-founder Samantha Nicole’s intrepid set soon followed to a roaring crowd past 1 a.m.


Brigiding came out in a ruffle-trimmed sheer cape and a big blonde wig, carrying a disco ball bag as she lipsynched to Diana Ross’ “Aint No Mountain High Enough.” She soon sheds said cape in favor of a sparkly dancing dress as the song progressed on the dance floor.

O-A performed to Silk City and Dua Lipa’s “Electricity” (ft. Diplo and Mark Ronson) in a sexy superhero-esque number. Later in the song, she went into a comedic lipsync about Meralco consumer rights, which had the crowd roaring in laughter.

@preenph Drag artist #PuraLukaVega performs #ChappellRoan’s “Good Luck, Babe!” at queer party Church’s anniversary at Apotheka in Poblacion, Makati #preenph #dragph #dragqueen #drag #lgbt #queer ♬ original sound –

Pura’s much-awaited drag performance came a little past 2 a.m. Clad in a knee-length tiered plum dress and red patent boots, she launched into a spirit lipsync of Chapell Roan’s latest single “Good Luck, Babe!” before playfully tossing a globe into the audience downstairs. Clearly, she’s taken inspiration from the artist’s distinctive makeup look, while also wearing a tiara reminiscent of Chappell’s “Tiny Desk” performance back in March. 

Pura Luka Vega

After a thunderous applause to Pura’s inspired performance, Church organizer Paulo Castro invited the drag artist to a speech, where she uttered Claudine Barreto’s now-famous words: “*millennial pause* Thank you so much!”

Samantha Nicole reclaimed the floor sending the Church-goers to a frenetic daze as the clock nears witching hour. 

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