Everything we know so far about BINI’s 1st EP ‘Talaarawan’

On Feb. 15, nation’s girl group BINI painted the city pink and purple with the announcement of their upcoming first EP, “Talaarawan.” It was a love month surprise for Blooms and P-pop enthusiasts, whose support for the girls has grown since the group’s debut in 2020. 

The album’s hype awaiting its release on Mar. 8, International Women’s Day, is part of the overwhelming recognition the girls have received after dropping their uplifting September comeback single “Karera.” 

Their follow-up single “Pantropiko” was a viral hit, becoming the group’s most streamed song to date and spurring a feel-good dance craze that took the country by storm. Blooms old and new felt the radiance of summer all year-round (and well into the new year) as they used the refreshing track to welcome BINI’s latest musical era with open arms. 

“Karera” and “Pantropiko” are only a few of the surprises fans can look forward to in “Talaarawan.” Four new songs will accompany the two lead singles, namely “Ang Huling Chacha,” “Na Na Nandito Lang,” “Diyan Ka Lang,” and the EP’s key track “Salamin, Salamin.”

The “Talaarawan” concept film captures the fulfillment of preserving memories in journals, scrapbooks, and diaries, with snapshots of bejeweled knick-knacks and bedroom decorations. The film doubles as a glimpse into the album’s tracklist through visual teasers and an upbeat audio snippet.  

Catchy hooks and iconic dance moves aside, it seems like BINI’s upcoming EP will feature more heartfelt storytelling from the girls, who’ve been showcasing their songwriting skills and choreography prowess since their full-length debut album “Born to Win.” 

Members Colet, Mikha, and Stacey helped write “Karera,” which inspires listeners to worry less about the future and navigate life’s ups and downs at their own pace. Main dancer Sheena set the trend with “Pantropiko” as she choreographed the song’s chorus and key points. 

Now that Blooms have endearingly picked up on each member’s signature styles and outlets of self-expression—from Maloi’s artworks, ribbons, and so-called Bayonetta glasses to Mikha’s cool, laid-back fashion sense and leader Jhoanna’s knack for newscasting—fans can look forward to seeing more of their individual personalities on “Talaarawan.” 

Whether you’re a Bloom-to-be or have stood by the girls’ side since day one, witnessing BINI perform and make music as their passionate, unapologetic selves is the best kind of serotonin boost.

Photo from BINI on X

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