Joey Samson’s ‘PilgrimAge’ Reconciles His Past with His Present

Still high from the auction’s energy, we sat expectantly for Joey Samson’s very first show for the Red Charity Gala called PiligrimAge. I’ve always adored Joey’s design aesthetic. He has this certain restraint and attention to detail that comes through the pieces he creates, and I feel this resonates to me. As a designer, he can go from androgynous to feminine without losing his touch, his flavor. And I believe that’s something designers aspire for.

For the Red Charity Ball, he returned to the garments he used to create when he was starting out, but combined them with what he’s now learned as a more mature artist. In a way, it reflects the reconciliation of his old and new self.

“For this particular collection, I made a very conscious effort to veer away from my usual black, white, and gray palette,” Joey shared to Inquirer Red. And indeed, what we saw walk down the runway were variations of deep color and texture. Yes, black and white were still present, but only as supporting colors to a new color palette.

It goes back to how he’s able to put together polarizing details and make it look like one seamless collection. “The distinctiveness of my menswear pieces, the way I deconstruct and reconstruct garments, and the tuxedo and the sportswear elements coexist with the more luxurious pieces,” he continues. It’s hard to imagine that this was his first solo show for this type of market, because from what I’ve seen, he not only put on a great show, but he exceeded the crowd’s expectations.

To view pieces from PilgrimAge, click on the slideshow above. 


Photos courtesy of Red Charity Gala

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