An extra step for your mental health: Mindfulness apps

Taking care of your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Don’t let anyone make you feel like your mental health problems are not important, because they are. In the last few years, people have started to speak up about it, making it less of a taboo topic. And, it shouldn’t be.

Raising awareness about different mental health issues has also brought the rise of different support groups and people actually asking for help. To go along with this, people have also created apps to help those with these conditions. No, these aren’t meant to replace professional help, but they can be an additional tool that can help. Whether you have anxiety, depression, or OCD, there is an app that can help you better monitor how you feel. If you want to take an extra step, these apps might do the trick.


The creators of this app were “inspired by our personal struggles with anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder.” Here, you can build a support group with your peers. There is also a simple journal section so you can write down how you’re feeling that day. There’s a visual calendar that helps track your mood. The word cloud then displays the words you use most in your journal entries so you can see how you’ve been doing over time.

Download: Available on Apple iTunes Store


This app offers interactive programs that help detect symptoms of depression. You will be asked a few questions and once you receive an assessment, you can show them to a professional. The programs in the app also help to break down the psychology behind your different moods.

Download: Available on Apple iTunes Store and Google Play


If you have OCD, this app might help you out. “It was designed with the help of OCD specialists and patients to incorporate clinically effective methods like Exposure Response Prevention and mindfulness.” There are different plans and exercises for both obsession and compulsion. They also stress that they are not a treatment company. They just want to bring the OCD community together and provide something people can use together with professional help.

Download: Available on Apple iTunes Store


Pacifica is for those with anxiety. This app has many tools. There are relaxation audio tools that help you meditate and become more mindful. The guided self-help paths have audio sessions that address anxiety and depression. In the mood tracker you can jot down how you’re feeling throughout the day including specific situations and triggers.

Download: Available on Apple iTunes Store and Google Play


Manage your stress with some meditation. There is also a collection of sound clips that will keep you calm, focused, relaxed, or help you sleep better. You will be surprised at how much a good night sleep can help improve your overall mood. So, don’t take it for granted.

Download: Available on Apple iTunes Store and Google Play


Art by Marian Hukom

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