This clothing line’s zero-waste campaign aims to uplift craftsmanship

Local brand Bayo and its sister organization Bayo Foundation is taking a big step towards sustainable fashion. They created a campaign called Journey to Zero, the goal of which is to encourage Filipinos to make smart, sustainable fashion choices and uplifting local craftsmanship. 

Louie Lagon, the managing editor of Bayo Foundation, said in a press release that this initiative was planted by the seed of self-awareness. “We realized that we’ve been accumulating so much waste and contributing so much to the problem of pollution. That’s when we really began to think about ways we can work to address these problems, and that’s where the Journey to Zero campaign began.” The campaign centers around spreading awareness to designing zero-waste collections.

This year, the brand, along with designer Francis Libiran, also launched a collection made of upcycled and hand-woven fabrics. “While bearing sustainable fashion in mind, the design inspiration of the collection revolves around the idea of introducing consumers to fashion that is not only for cultural purposes but also for everyday living,” Libiran said. 

Earlier this year, Alyssa Lagon, the daughter of the owners of Bayo, launched Tela, a new retail clothing line that also focuses on style and sustainability. She wanted to follow the efforts of her parents in trying to save fabric wastes.


Photos courtesy of Bayo 

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