Nine Loona members are reportedly trying to terminate their contracts with BlockBerry Creative

More updates to the Loona news keep coming

After Chuu’s surprising expulsion last Friday that blindsided both fans and the people that worked with her, nine of the remaining Loona members have filed an injunction requesting to terminate their contracts with BlockBerryCreative, according to an exclusive report by JTBC’s Entertainment News Team. 

The members that filed the injunction were HeeJin, HaSeul, YeoJin, Kim Lip, JinSoul, Choerry, Yves, Go Won, and Olivia Hye. Their reason for the injunction was reportedly that the label broke their trust “to the point that it is difficult to continue activities with the agency,” writes Soompi.

The two remaining members who did not join the filing were lone foreign member ViVi, who is currently in Hong Kong, and Hyunjin, who publicly expressed her disappointment and anger when the news broke out and is presently covering the Qatar World Cup on the preview show “Catharsis.”

BlockBerry Creative denied the report, though JTBC also noted that the label also previously denied reports that Chuu was attempting to transfer to a different label.

Prior to this news, the label released another statement about Chuu’s removal, stating that it wasn’t done “​​with the goal of exposing Chuu” and instead she was expelled for alleged misuse of power and abusive language, even saying that it “was not an exposé.” 

“It is of course natural to explain the reason for her removal, and it is the rights of Chuu herself and the staff who was harmed to provide the truth or evidence of this,” the statement reads. “We ask that you refrain from baseless and speculative reporting related to the announcement post, as well as from malicious comments or rumors that defame the company.” It also added that if Chuu and the involved staff member were in agreement with releasing it, the label would “cooperate in providing the relevant content and evidence.”

This is in response to the outpouring of support that Chuu received after BlockBerry Creative made the announcement, with many staff members of productions she’s worked for coming to her defense and stating that they did not believe Chuu was capable of treating staff poorly.

Fans also pointed out the label’s alleged shady business practices, claiming that BlockBerry Creatives’ CEO and COO were high profile tax evaders.


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