The Black Label’s newest artist? The actor Park Bogum

This morning, South Korean record label and YG Entertainment subsidiary The Black Label announced that the newest artist it was adding to its roster was Park Bogum, with him signing an exclusive management contract. 

This comes after reports that he was in talks to join either HYBE or YG Entertainment, though both companies denied it earlier this month. The actor had left his longtime agency Blossom Entertainment last December.

The agency also handles Somi, Zion.T, Loren, and Big Bang’s Taeyang. 

Since he’s signed to The Black Label, it does make us wonder if we’ll be seeing more of Park’s musical side soon. He had released his first full-length album “Blue Bird” in 2020 before he enlisted in the military to fulfill his mandatory military service (how time flies!), so it wouldn’t be too far fetched. That said, we do know that he’ll be starring in a Jeju-set drama with musician-turned-actress IU soon, so time will tell.


Photo screen grabbed from the “Record of Youth” trailer

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