Help make Metro Manila Pride and Elephant Pride happen

We’ve got a little more than a week before the Philippine Pride weekend. 

With preparations still underway and corporations across the globe pulling back on Pride campaigns, a number of local Pride organizers are reaching out for support. Among them are Metro Manila Pride (MMPride) and queer safe space-slash-rave party Elephant

Metro Manila Pride announced on June 14 that they’ve reopened their GoGetFunding campaign for the #TAYOangKULAYAAN Metro Manila Pride March and Festival 2023 slated on June 24 at the Circuit Event Grounds in Makati City. 

“Lagi’t lagi, the Pride March is for the community and by the community. While MMPride is always open to partnering with organizations and brands that are aligned with our core values as an organization that puts the community, justice, and intersectionality at the center of our movement, as a 100% fully volunteer-led org, we need your help!” said the organizers.

“This year, the total we need to mount the March and Festival is P3,020,132. But with the generous help of our previous and current partners, and the savings MMPRIDE has incurred through careful planning and budgeting, we only need P1,701,500 for the Pride March and Festival to happen on June 24.” 

Setting up a huge stage and venue for our growing community doesn’t come cheap!

Apart from GoGetFunding, donation channels for MMPride include BDO, GCash, and Paypal. In-kind donations are also accepted. Donors can get a discount of up to 25 percent for MMPride Shop merchandise. You can also reach out to them if you’d like to organize a fundraiser. 

The Elephant Pride Party, called “Magandang Gabi, Bayot!” this year, happening on June 24 at Dirty Kitchen, Gravity Art Space, Quezon City is also in need of assistance.

“If you believe in Elephant’s advocacy of creating and providing a safe space for everyone, then help us raise funds by 1) donating money, 2) connecting us to those who can genuinely help, and 3) supporting members of our community!” wrote the organizers.

“Our dream is to be able to purchase our own sound system and equipment, and to raise enough funds so that we can continue doing what we are doing now, and much more. Tayo-tayo lang po ang makakapag-tulungan [para] maging sustainable ang Elephant,” they added.

Elephant is offering two donor packages that come with exclusive  merchandise. Merch designs drop next week but you can start donating via GCash.

Let’s make Pride happen!


Photo from Metro Manila Pride

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