BINI’s comeback single ‘Karera’ is an upbeat self-care anthem

We all tend to get a little frantic over what’s yet to come in our lives.

From appeasing expectations and responsibilities that haunt us daily to forging our own paths and lifelong passions, the future can be both exciting and daunting, especially for today’s youth. It’s no surprise that we cling to glimmers of hope in adverse times to keep moving forward, adulting be damned. 

Such beacons of emotional support, however fleeting, are everywhere—be it hobbies, pets, crushes, or even a P-pop song

This month, count on eight-member P-pop girl group BINI to hold your hand through uncertainties and weather through storms. Their latest single “Karera” proves that we all deserve a breather from the world’s chaos. The song reminds us that—cliché as it sounds—life isn’t a race but a journey with ample room for exploration, growth, mistakes, and learning.

BINI’s “Karera” lyric video

BINI’s September comeback was first introduced on Sept. 12 as the group’s “new side” to be unmasked. After the success of their sophomore album “Feel Good,” Blooms and P-pop enthusiasts have anticipated the next steps in BINI’s artistry.

Sure enough, the girls didn’t disappoint with “Karera.” Though they’re promoting only one song, the buildup to its release was equipped with a moodboard, individual video teasers, a music video trailer, and a dance choreo snippet for fans to vibe to. As the group wanders through nature in stylish white getups, you can’t help but feel like they, too, are eager to witness their new era unfold.

All in all, BINI evidently poured their hearts into a whimsical concept that’s not just previously unexplored but also meticulously executed. It just goes to show how dedicated the girls are to their craft. In fact, members Colet, Mikha, and Stacey even lent their songwriting skills to the track.

Since their debut in 2021, the “Na Na Na” singers have effortlessly mastered the “signature P-pop formula” of catchy and bubbly tracks. While “Karera” branches out from their previous vibrant lead singles, it still carries the girls’ sentiments of finding and holding on to their voices in a competitive and cutthroat industry. “Magpahinga lang saglit,” they sing, “at ‘di kailangang magmadali para magwagi.”

As today’s surroundings get more fast-paced by the minute, let BINI remind us that we all have our own paces to move at. We need not compare others’ trajectories to our own or follow their routines and lifestyles. We can, however, succeed and thrive in our own right.

The “Karera” music video premiered tonight at 9:00 PM. Watch it here or on BINI’s YouTube channel.

Photo from Star Music PH’s Twitter

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