Pia Wurtzbach Talks About What’s in Her Bag

Pia Wurtzbach graced our IG Stories viewing session with a personal look into her bag.

First off, we would like to commend her for an excellent bag choice: a Fendi Peek-a-Boo bag in a pistachio and pink color pattern. Fun and functional.

She then admitted to her essentials: Haribo Gummy Bears. (Same!) No need to feel too bad over our sugar cravings as the beauty queen has it too.

Afterwhich, she took out a tangle of chargers for her three phones.

Ah, yes. One for personal stuff, one for work, and a third solely for social media, we surmise. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Pia then brought out a handful of lipsticks, mostly in nude shades. If my spotting skills are correct, she’s got a MAC Lipfinity in either Driftwood or Toast & Butter. Both of which are pigmented nude shades for a fleshy pout. I also saw a lip gloss from the MAC  Viva Glam x Ariana Grande collab.

Pia then took out confetti from her bag. A bit random, she concedes. She didn’t know where she got them but maybe it’s part of being always fabulous.

Lastly, she took out a printed copy of her farewell speech.

Even she isn’t too happy about the fact that’s she’s saying good-bye.



Photo courtesy of Pia Wurtzbach’s Instagram account

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