Cole Sprouse and Zendaya Remind Donald Trump that ‘Trans Is Not a Burden’

US Pres. Donald Trump likes banning things, doesn’t he? First, he imposed a (failed) travel ban on Muslims; still insists on building a wall to bar Mexicans from crossing the border; and he wants to repeal Obamacare so bad. Then he tweeted that transgender soldiers aren’t allowed to serve in the military.

While the policy isn’t in full effect yet according to White House Spokeswoman Sarah Sanders, his stream of tweets are still alarming and offensive as he wanted to take away their medical aid. He also said that the trans community will cause a “disruption” in the military.

This prompted several people, even celebrities like Mark Hamill, Kim Kardashian, and Laverne Cox, to post in solidarity with the trans community. They also made #TransRightsAreHumanRights trend to let Trump know that he shouldn’t ostracize the men and women who are fighting to protect them.

Cole Sprouse  reminded Trump that he avoided armed combat. So he has no right to stop the brave trans soldiers to stop.

Zendaya and Camila Cabello, along with many netizens, emphasized that being transgender is not a burden.

And at the end of the day, a soldier’s gender doesn’t matter once he/she fights and dies in war.

Lady Gaga also did the math and schooled Trump on the facts.

One netizen even rounded up all the bad things that Trump has done in the past seven months of his administration.

We should realize that this isn’t just a problem among the trans community in the US. This kind of discrimination, whether in the military or on the streets, happens daily. And we shouldn’t keep quiet about protecting their rights as human beings.


Photo courtesy of Business Insider

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