Zendaya’s Versace Dress Literally Dropped to the Floor and People Are Freaking Out

Every time Bruno Mars releases a music video, the Internet goes in a frenzy. That’s what happened when “Versace on the Floor” debuted at this year’s Teen Choice Awards.

The video features singer-actress Zendaya (she was also in Spider-Man: Homecoming), who gets spellbound by Bruno’s singing next door. She’s also wearing a gold Versace dress, of course.

We watched the video ourselves and also checked on what people are loving about it. We can safely say that they’re equally swooning over Bruno and Zendaya.

#1 The chemistry

Bruno and Zendaya weren’t technically interacting in the whole video. But seeing Zendaya dancing and singing along to “Versace on the Floor” in her room got people saying, “Same, girl.”

And just the fact that they’re in one video is enough to freak people out. Especially since Zendaya performed a Bruno Mars song (even dressed like him!) on Lip Sync Battle in the past.

#2 Designer pieces

As mentioned earlier, Zendaya’s wearing a gold Versace dress. It’s also no surprise that Bruno’s wearing a Versace shirt as well, continuing his designer streak since his “24K Magic” video. People couldn’t get enough of how good they both looked in their ensembles.

#3 Great cinematography

I always found Bruno’s past videos like “The Lazy Song” and “That’s What I Like” entertaining. But “Versace on the Floor” was really well-made compared to the others. One netizen also praised how creative it was.

#4 The fancy interiors

The video is set in an apartment or hotel where Zendaya and Bruno are neighbors. Both rooms are purple-hued to keep with the video’s seductive theme and glittery walls. Zendaya’s room has a large silk-laden bed and a chandelier. While Bruno’s room only shows a white piano that Glamour questioned, “What hotel room has a piano in the middle of it?!” The publication, as well as Complex, noted how excessively sparkly their rooms were. (We might as well wear sunglasses before entering.)

#5 When the Versace really dropped to the floor

Everybody hates cliffhangers, most especially this one. Before the video ends, you’ll see Zendaya’s expensive dress dropping to the floor. The words “THE END” flashes with the sound of a knock on the door, signaling that Zendaya went next door. Cue the screaming fans.


Screengrab from YouTube

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