Red Velvet is making their comeback in August

Calling all ReVeluvs

Good news for all ReVeluvs out there: SM Entertainment has just confirmed that Red Velvet will be making an August comeback. The agency stated today, June 9, “Red Velvet is preparing for a new album with the goal of a comeback in August. Please look forward to it.”

It’s been a while since we’ve had content from the girls, with them taking a bit of a break after Wendy’s 2019 rehearsal accident. Not to say that we haven’t gotten anything—we had their soundtracks, BoA cover, and SMTOWN Live appearance. We also saw some solo and duo debuts during the group’s absence: Irene & Seulgi had their smash (and super sapphic) hit “Monster,” Wendy had her debut album “Like Water,” and Joy had her remake album “Hello.” 

In case you need us to jog your memory, Red Velvet’s last album was “The ReVe Festival: Finale” in 2019 which featured the songs “Psycho” and “In and Out.” The former is arguably their biggest hit, with it gaining a perfect “all kill” a.k.a. getting number one on all Korean music streaming services. It’s easy to see why: The song was an instant classic, one of those tracks that feels like it’s always been there.

Our minds are already abuzz with predictions. Are we going to see more tracks like “Psycho”? More sapphic MVs? We’re excited to see what the girls have in store for us. 


Header photo courtesy of Red Velvet’s Twitter account

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