Our fave P-pop dance challenge workouts

Looking for a fun way to switch up your workout routine or fit something into your routine you can do at your own pace without requiring any gear? Try grooving to the latest P-pop tracks.

If you haven’t gotten into dance challenges yet, dance workouts could be your gateway to learning the hottest steps and staying active. From lively choreography to high-octane hip-hop routines, here are some of our fave P-pop dances that double as a workout You (or at least Twitter user @1TIER_ did) asked for and now we deliver. 

BINI’s “I Feel Good”

@bini_ph #BINI : Ma-feel good with BINI’s #BINI_IFeelGood DC! 🙃👍 #tiktokph #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #foryourpage #viral #tiktokviral #PPop #PPopRise #PPopRiseBINI #OPMRise #music #BINIph ♬ I Feel Good – BINI

BINI’s sophomore album “Feel Good” is one of our fave releases of the year. If you enjoyed the playfulness of “Pit A Pat” from April, you’ll love the bubbly retro rhythm of “I Feel Good.” The steps for the chorus are cute and easy enough for beginners. But if you also want to nail the choreo for the rap break, there are fancams that can serve as your guide.

Increased difficulty option: “Strings” dance challenge

SB19’s “WYAT”

@officialsb19 WYAT? In the city that never sleeps. 🗽 First leg of U.S. tour, all done! See you in the next ones. 😉 #SB19 #WYAT #WYATTour #WhereYouAtSB19 @PABLO @jahdedios @Vester Ajero @FELIP @josh_cullen_s ♬ WYAT (Where You At) – SB19

Another entry on our list is SB19’s disco-inspired “WYAT” choreographed by none other than Stell. The performance video includes some complicated routines that are more fun to try with friends but the challenge itself will make you feel like a dancing queen if you go solo. 

Increased difficulty option: “Bazinga” dance break version

Alamat’s “ABKD”

@alamat.official ABKD Awitin mo. Bilang Isa, Dalawa, Tatlo 🤎✨ #ABKDDanceChallenge #ppoprise #fyp ♬ original sound – ALAMAT

Light-hearted and empowering, Alamat’s “ABKD” is great pick-me-up. It’s also a kid-friendly track that’s especially apt if you’re looking to invite your kids or younger siblings to join in on the challenge. If you’re not a Magiliw yet, we bet the music video will have you stanning the group. 

Increased difficulty option: The sexy and spooky “Aswang” dance challenge

BGYO’s “Tumitigil Ang Mundo”

@bgyo_ph #BGYO | Take on the #BGYO_TumitigilAngMundo DC now! #tiktokph #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #foryourpage #viral #tiktokviral #PPop #PPopRise #OPMRise #Music ♬ Tumitigil Ang Mundo – BGYO

BGYO’s “Tumitigil Ang Mundo” has house music influences that makes it perfect for dancing. We wouldn’t be surprised if this track makes it onto our Spotify Wrapped because it truly has an earworm-geared sound that we wouldn’t mind looping for a longer workout.

Increased difficulty option: “Magnet” dance challenge choreographed by thee Brian Puspos

LITZ’s “Natatataranta”

@litz.official Show off your “Natataranta” dance moves by joining our Tiktok Challenge. #LitzNatatarantaChallenge ♬ original sound – litz.official

If you want dynamic moves that’ll give you a sense of girl power, LITZ’s “Natataranta” cover may have what you’re looking for. It comes as no surprise since G-Force trained the group. Fans of James Reid’s original version are sure to appreciate this fierce update. 

Increased difficulty option: The group’s “Kidlat” debut dance challenge

KAIA’s “Kaya”

@kaiaofficialph Sayang lang, natanggal sintas ko 🤣 – 🐻#KAYATiktokDanceChallenge #KAYAbyKAIA #KAIA_ANGELA ♬ KAYA – KAIA

As a sister group of SB19, KAIA has big expectations to meet. With “Kaya,” a track in the same vein as SB19’s catchy “Go Up,” the members prove that they can release their own hits. We’ll let this dance break do the talking.

Increased difficulty option: “Blah Blah” dance challenge with the dance break version


Art by Ella Lambio

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