QUIZ: Which SB19 member matches your vibe?

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Here’s a question I’m sure any fan has encountered at least once: Why do you like them so much?

In the case of SB19, the first answer that comes to mind is that they’re amazing performers who are fun to watch. The group’s discography is full of bops. They can Sing and Dance™️ (capitalizations needed for emphasis). They’re funny, too. But there’s a whole lot more to them than that. To celebrate their new era, I’ve broken down some of the reasons why I stan. For my fellow A’Tin, I’ve turned it into a little quiz instead of a rambling essay so you can check which member you share impeccable vibes with.

Which SB19 lyric plays in your head in the middle of the night?

Photo screengrabbed from the 'What?" music video

Pick an activity for your post-COVID Seoul trip itinerary.

Photo by Ethan Brooke from Pexels

How would you react if we invite you to do a K-pop random play dance challenge?

sb19 kpop random play dance challenge Photo screengrabbed from the "Random K-pop Play Dance" episode of "Show Break"

When you were younger, you were ___________.

Photo by Min An from Pexels

You get chosen to MC part two of a “Show Break” episode. Which one would you shoot?

Photo screengrabbed from the "Limbo and Hammer Game!" episode of "Show Break"

Choose a celebrity guest appearance video for your hypothetical YouTube channel.

karolina-grabowska-youtuber Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Pick a hairstyle that you’d DIY to cheer yourself up.

Photo from SB19's Instagram page

In your friend group, you’re most likely to _______.

rheza-aulia-friends Photo by Rheza Aulia from Pexels

QUIZ: Which SB19 member matches your vibe?
You got: Pablo

Perhaps you sometimes feel like you don’t give yourself enough credit for the hard work that you do, but trust me when I say that people do notice. You’re charismatic and you’ve got a way with words. You’re a romantic and though it’s super hard, you believe in laying things bare. You probably listen to a lot of rap music and its significance in adding fuel to a growing fire. You’re not afraid of reinvention. In Walt Whitman’s words, you relish the fact that you “contain multitudes.”
You got: Josh

You’re an easygoing person and you’re really fun to be with, but you’re not one to take any BS. You know that life isn’t always a party but believe that everyone should do their part to turn it into one. You’re a bit of a casual flirt but you know when to draw boundaries. Though you value having a good time, you aren’t afraid of confrontations. Communication and trust are important to you so you tend to address things head-on. Not everybody likes that, but at the end of the day, you keep the people you love together.
You got: Stell

sb19 stell

You’re probably the funniest person in your friend group and you’re also the most gentle. You like cooking and bike rides. If a Ghibli movie turned into a person, it would be you—equal parts healing and playful. You’re soulful and it shows in your art. Perhaps you’re really close to your family and want the people around you to experience the comfort and support that you had growing up. But things aren’t given to you on a silver platter: You know how to fight for what you want.
You got: Ken

Hey, fashionista. You’re a stylish person and I’m not just talking about clothes. You present yourself to the world with flair. You’re not the most talkative in your friend group but you can be really loud and funny when you’ve warmed up to someone. You’re the internet’s textbook definition of cool. TikTok dances? Check. Love for anime? Check. Sporty? Check. Balenciagas and chunky boots? Check. Because you tick all the boxes, sometimes people overlook that you’re pretty sensitive and perceptive. Don’t worry, it’s not lost on us.
You got: Justin

sb19 justin

On the surface, you’re a mischievous child-at-heart but you’re a lot more than that. Visually artistic and maybe a little melancholic, you often find yourself reflecting on a number of topics. Still, people let you get away with corny jokes because you’re cute and you probably collect plastic figures like Nendoroids. You enjoy being in front of the camera but you’re not the type of person who starts conversations. You’re about as confident as you are shy and maybe that’s part of your appeal.

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