‘Moonlight’ is a certified club banger

We’re about to ask every DJ in every club to play this song

SB19’s entry to the "song of the summer" competition is their latest track “Moonlight." And it's a certified banger
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It’s a hot, hot summer, and SB19 is turning up the heat with their latest track “Moonlight.” The five-piece P-pop boyband’s entry to the song of the summer competition is a groovy, electronic future Club Banger™ that’ll leave you sweating (yes, we’re talking about the lyrics). 

For non-temperature related reasons, ngl. 

The track was co-produced by US-based producer-DJ Ian Asher, Chinese electronic producer Ian Zhong, and Finnish DJ Lenno Linjama. If the mixing sounds familiar, it’s probably because Serge Courtois (who worked on tracks by stars like LANY, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Alessia Cara) worked on “Moonlight” as well. 

The track is a step in a new direction for the P-pop superstars. It’s a more experimental sound that pushes the bounds of their creative energy. 

“The production is very current yet experimental, but it also gives us room to explore and expand our horizons as artists. The collaboration really brought out the best of all worlds, and being part of the process, really opened our creative realm to exciting new possibilities,” SB19 explains. 

Aside from releasing the song, the boys also teased their upcoming music video in a TikTok video of the choreography. 


Doin’ what we do in the… good night 💤😴 A’TIN! #SB19 #NewMusic #MOONLIGHT #IanxSB19xTerry @FELIP @PABLO @Stell Ajero @Josh Cullen @justin

♬ Moonlight – SB19 Official

Watch the music video here:

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