What Does #AlDub Want Us to Eat Next?

AlDub Alden Richards Maine Mendoza Yayadub Mcdo Preen
After scoring their first McDonald’s commercial, the Aldub love team will keep fans melting (and plenty others hungry) in a new video coming out today.
McDonald’s is releasing the next #AlDubKoTo promotional material sometime within the day, and fans are in for a treat. In the video, Alden Richards and Maine “Yayadub” Mendoza are seen flirting and yawning in sync via split screens—a reference to their sensational segment that got most peoplglued to their TV screens at noon.
Aldub Mdco Preen
Whether or not the teaser photos revealed were real behind-the-scenes footage is still a mystery. For all we know now, this could be meta-footage of voyeurs watching the romance unfold before their very eyes. In other words: an echo to us.
Aldub Mdco Preen 
Aldub Mcdo Preen
But the bigger question is: What is the love team peddling now? Last time, it was the creamy chicken fillet a la king. Their first #AlDubKoTo Youtube video garnered 545,000+ views—that’s some manic viewing even just for a commercial!

Then again, after reaching record-breaking 20 million #AlDub-related tweets last Saturday, we’re not surprised. Now, we just have to wait and see.

We’ll post the video once it’s up, so stay tuned!
Photos courtesy of McDonald’s Philippines
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