Tricia Centenera Proves that You Can Be Friends With Your Ex

It seems like there are a lot of peaceful breakup posts going around recently. The latest one is from Tricia Centenera who finally broke her silence about her marriage and ex-husband Gab Valenciano.

On her blog, posted on their supposed third-year wedding anniversary, Tricia didn’t get into detail of what really happened for them to break up. But she did say, “I feel I just did what I had to do to better my situation & protect my body, mind, soul [and] most importantly my spirit.”

She also went on to say how her faith helped in her healing process. “There were times when I was alone but I was blessed that I never felt lonely especially thanks to my Church.”

As for Tricia’s relationship with Gab, she defended him from the haters and said that they’re in good terms. They even saw each other the night before the blog went up. “[My] ex husband I believe is a good man who has just made some bad choices but are any of you completely perfect? I can say I’ve made some pretty poor life choices too but I believe it’s how we bounce back & get back up that’s what’s more important. There’s nothing wrong with failing forward [and] he is trying his best to be the best version of himself so please let him try.” She also considers him as a sibling “who doesn’t give the best love advice.”

She ended the post with a few nuggets of wisdom for brokenhearted people in hopes of helping them out too. “The right person will cross your path when you are ready.. when you are busy loving yourself right. You just have to believe in your heart of hearts that God is good!”


Photo courtesy of Tricia Centernera’s Instagram account

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