The emotional stages we went through while watching #CarGel on GGV

If you’re a CarGel fan like us, and you still haven’t seen the Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino’s GGV interview last night, what are you doing? Girl, drop everything you’re doing and watch it now. The show was filled with revelations almost too intense for our little hearts to handle. In under 30 minutes, we felt as though we went on an emotional roller coaster ride, and we wanna take you along.

#1 When they entered the set while holding hands

#2 When they reminisced about their past love, and Carlo said “Na-realize ko na siya pala talaga.”

#3 When Vice asked if they still love each other and Angelica readily said yes, while Carlo said it  never really went away and that she has always been special to him (plus Carlo casually pulling Angelica closer to him)


#4 When Vice delved deeper into their past relationship and asked what they think is preventing them from giving it another shot

#5 When Angelica revealed the reason for their past breakups

#6 When Angelica handled the questions gracefully, and shared her insights about the past.

#7 When Angelica revealed she calls Carlo “dad.”


#8 When Angelica said sorry to Carlo because she got tired and let him go, and Carlo apologized for his shortcomings while ~expertly~ trying to hide a tear.

#9 When Angel cried and said she hoped things would never change between them, and Vice said she knows the feeling all-too well (“Ang hirap diba nun, yung mahanap mo yung taong gusto mo at nakakapagpasaya sayo, at alam mo na darating yung araw na you would have to let go. Ang sakit lang nun.” (It’s hard when you’ve found someone who makes you happy, but you know there will come a time when you have to let them go. It hurts))

#10 When Angelica finally ended the show by letting us in on a funny anecdote about an intimate moment between them.


Photo courtesy of Carlo Aquino’s Instagram account

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