I incorporated three new brushes into my routine

I get incredibly giddy from browsing, buying, and using new self-care tools. Last December, I allowed all of these emotions to take over me as I incorporated three new things into my routine and realized that they were all brushes in various forms and uses. Lemme share with you my current obsessions. 


I’ve been suffering from rough skin for a year now and I’ve tried different things to calm it down. I did the 10-step skincare routine, but it didn’t really work. I simplified my routine and went for the “repairing of skin-barrier” route and still my skin remained rough. This boggles me completely because prior to this, I’ve never really had skin problems. 

Then I encountered the Foreo. Yes, I know. It’s everywhere and people are talking about it online non-stop, but I promise you that this is not an advert. I got a Luna Mini 2 and haven’t stopped using it since November. I noticed that the tiny pimples on my forehead and chin area slowly cleared up, my cheeks are smoother, and I have far less whiteheads and blackheads. Don’t get me wrong, I still get breakouts and impurities on my nose, but it was a great improvement from my life pre-Foreo.

Foreo Fofo in Mint and Foreo Luna Mini 2 in Sunflower Yellow

What it is is a sonic cleansing brush that makes use of medical-grade silicone. That means you can gently cleanse your face twice a day and not worry about bristle brush refills ever again—you just have to make sure you clean it every time you use it. 

During the holidays my mom gave me a Foreo Fofo. It’s a smaller version than the Luna Mini 2 (can you believe?) and what it does is that it analyzes your skin pre-cleanse so it can customize to your needs. It’s a little more time consuming, but whatever, we’re already past that. This is what I now bring when I go out of town or when I have to sleepover somewhere, since it’s smaller, it’s a lot more portable and doesn’t take so much space—and more importantly, it does the cleaning job I need. 

Available at Sephora PH


For the past few months, I’ve been using the Philips Sonicare toothbrush. But I found it bulky and the refills are hard to get by here in Manila. So went back to manual Oral B brushing. Come Christmas time, I was gifted with a Quip. 

It comes in different colors. The one I got is gold and it’s fancyyyy

What the heck is Quip, you ask? Well, it’s a sonic toothbrush that’s sleek, gorgeous, and from what I heard, affordable. I fell in love. It’s not bulky which makes it super easy for travel or transit, cleans your teeth real good (dentist standards, yes), and you can have refills delivered straight to your home. 

So yeah, it’s not available in stores locally, but you can order online. Since mine was a Christmas gift, I just needed to sign up for the brush head refills plan and they’ll be shipping every three months. 

Available online


Last, but not the least is a dry brush for my body. If you remember, we talked about the benefits of dry brushing before and just to refresh, it helps with circulation and skin turnover leaving you with smoother skin. 

Daily Concepts Dry Brush

I started using it because my skin got really dry while I was on holiday, I would get flaky skin on my legs and arms, and applying lotion did not help anymore. I got my dry brush in a wellness store in the States, but it’s pretty much available everywhere. The brush I got features natural bristles that are soft yet firm and you’ll really feel a tingling sensation right after which makes you feel, um, awake. Let’s just hope I don’t quit and that I power through even if I get lazy (or late.) 

Available at Beauty Bar

Are you planning to incorporate any of these brushes? Or maybe leaning towards just one? Let me know in the comments section! 


Art by Marian Hukom

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