Preen Playlist: Kpop hits that’ll boost your girl power

The Kpop community has always been under scrutiny for having unrealistic beauty standards, and there are times when idols have been badly mistreated by their management. The industry has a less glamorous side: A history of controversy and legal disputes over the way it treats its young artists, which it is still struggling to shake.

There have been Kpop fans who admitted that there are times when they worry about whether their idols eat or rest well, because a lot of them are too thin and pale, and extremely sick-looking. And it has been no secret that the industry has always grappled with standards of how you should look on screen and on stage. Numerous female idols back in the day have confessed to have suffered from major eating disorders because of management pressure on how much they should weigh.

But as a new generation of Kpop groups take over, the industry has been conforming with the times, especially female idols. While beauty standards still remain, numerous girl groups and solo singers have been more open to staying healthy, being themselves, and taking control of their own lives—and this has been greatly reflecting through their songs.

Female Kpop artists have been releasing tracks and music videos about body positivity, patriarchal standards, and women empowerment. This has further strengthened the Kpop fanbase, especially for girl groups and female soloists. It can also be seen through various promotions and Kpop content that companies are now careful of taking care of their artists.

If you want to feel the girl power, we came up with the perfect Kpop playlist for you.

“ICY” by Itzy

“Selfish” by Moonbyul ft. Seulgi of Red Velvet

“Peekaboo” by Red Velvet

“Chica” by Chungha

“Change” by Hyuna

“I Will Show You” by Ailee

“Yes I Am” by Mamamoo

“Palette” by IU

“The Baddest Female” by CL

“Crush” by 2NE1


Photo courtesy of Itzy’s Instagram account

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