The iconic and underrated: Horror movie females for your Halloween costume

Women in horror movies are underrated. They’re usually portrayed as the love interest, the “slut who gets killed first,” and the overall weaker individual. It’s true there have been several films with female leads, they’re mostly remembered for their chilling screams and the convincing fear in their eyes.

But in reality, many horror films are reflections of society. There have been movies that hinged on second-wave feminism (“The Exorcist”), emotional abuse (“Midsommar“), and how women fight to protect their families at all costs (“Us“). These movies are meant to show the inequalities women experience in the real world.

A huge exception for several slasher films where women are killed and men are the sole heroes.

We’ve listed down several costume inspirations in the past, and now we’re going back to the horror basics. No, we don’t mean the bride of Frankenstein or another sexy version of Dracula. We’re looking at other iconic women in horror, including the underrated ones, for our Halloween outfits.

Red in “Us”

Adelaide Wilson’s Tethered counterpart, Red (Lupita Nyong’o), wears an all-red jumpsuit and carries a pair of large shears. Her most prominent feature are her big eyes that can follow you anywhere and her eerie voice. You can channel the same energy, but don’t do blackface, okay?

Dani in “Midsommar”

This isn’t exactly scary, but since we predicted that “Midsommar” is going to be a popular choice for Halloween makeup then you might as well dress like the women there too. Dani (Florence Pugh) is the main character wearing the iconic flower crown in the posters. Pair the accessory with a white embroidered dress. Plus points if you can dance around a maypole the whole night.

Jennifer Check in “Jennifer’s Body”

Popular girl-turned-demon vessel Jennifer Check (Megan Fox) has some interesting outfits and transformations in the movie. One minute she’s wearing her cheerleader uniform, the next she has blood in her mouth. You can combine both elements; the key here is to make yourself look pale, draw on strong eyebrows and line your eyes, and add the fake blood on your lips and your clothes.

Carrie White in “Carrie”

If you watched the old (Sissy Spacek) and new (Chloe Grace Moretz) versions of “Carrie,” then you know just how iconic her blood-soaked prom look is. Carrie is known for her telekinetic powers, which heightens to terrifying levels when her bullies dump a bucket of pig’s blood over her head. You can recreate this look by wearing any dress and splashing fake blood on it. (For a quick guide, you can watch Atleeeey’s makeup and costume tutorial.)

Rose Armitage in “Get Out”

Towards the end of “Get Out,” Rose Armitage (Allison Williams) is seen wearing an all-white jumpsuit while eating a bowl of dry cereal and drinking a glass of milk. A few scenes later, she chases after her “boyfriend” with a rifle. She’s definitely one intimidating female villain you should channel for your next party.

The mother in “Goodnight Mommy”

This German movie is about twin boys who become suspicious of their mother’s identity after coming home from reconstructive surgery. The unnamed mother has a bandaged face and a distant demeanor, making her seem like a different person from when she left home. So, this costume is pretty easy: Get some gauze for your face and wear a nightgown. Done!

Morticia Addams in “The Addams Family”

“The Addams Family” isn’t technically a horror film, but it gets an honorary position on our list since they are considered the creepy family in the neighborhood. Take a page out of Sophie Turner’s book and dress up like the ever-supportive mom, Morticia Addams. All you need is a long black dress and wig, a pale face, and a glass of wine.


Art by Tricia Guevara

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