WayV members put sasaeng fans on blast

On Dear. U Bubble, a private messaging service between idols and fans, members of NCT sub-unit WayV called out sasaeng fans who followed them to an undisclosed onsite shoot. 

Sasaeng, ICYDK, is a Korean term for invasive fans who cross the line and stalk their idols and intrude on their privacy. As we wrote on our K-pop terminology guide, a sasaeng is “someone who goes out of their way to find out an idol’s private schedule so they could interact with them.” 

Unfortunately, the boys encountered such fans today, Jan. 18, while shooting. Making matters worse, they were recording in the middle of freezing, snowy weather, which made the sasaeng’s actions even more disruptive. 

Lucas, Kun and Xiaojun took photos of the sasaengs and put them on blast on the messaging service. “Everyone, we are currently in the midst of filming but some of such people have come and the weather is also like this so why… this is so ridiculous, really. I’m so angry. But I’m sorry everyone, for suddenly being like this,” wrote Lucas according to Koreaboo.

The site also quotes Xiaojun calling the fans “so rude,” and that Kun said the fans also took photos of the boys going to the washroom. 

On Twitter, eagle-eyed NCT stans noticed that one of the sasaengs caught was a repeat offender, having allegedly sat beside the boys during one of their flights last year, though this is still unconfirmed. 

In case you need to hear it, this is 100% not OK. Idols are human beings and they deserve their own privacy and peace of mind. If you’re a real fan, you’d respect that, not stalk them.


Photo screengrabbed from their “威神V ‘爱不释手 (Let me love u)” music video

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