‘Moxie’ is your next feminist activism guide

Netflix is giving us another movie to add to our binge list. “Moxie” stars Hadley Robinson, Lauren Tsai, Alycia Pascual-Pena, Amy Poehler and more. And get this: Poehler also directed it.

If you’re not familiar with Robinson, she was previously seen in Little Women as a supporting character.

Curious as to what it’s all about? Based on a book of the same name, “Moxie” follows high school student Vivian as she starts an anonymous publication exposing the wrongdoings and biases in her school—more importantly, the patriarchy. The move was inspired by her mom’s rebellious phase in the past.

In the trailer, we can see Vivian pushing through with publishing  Moxie after she realized that there was something wrong in her school’s system. It also helped that the new student in her class was a badass feminist who didn’t take sh*t from anyone.

What I appreciate about this upcoming movie is that it’s very, very timely. I think we can all agree that it’s not easy to air dissenting opinions these days lest we be red-tagged for them. Feminism is also something a lot of young Filipinos are starting to truly understand, and it would be great for them to see that patriarchy is something that can still be corrected. 

Although it mostly touches on feminism, there’s a chance that this film might encourage the youth to speak up more about what’s wrong—even in the political sphere. Amy Poehler is a queen.


Photo screengrabbed from the “Moxie” trailer

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