For BTS’ ‘Butter’ MV, PH ARMYs prepared a billboard shed

To the ARMYs who will be passing through EDSA, please send pics

Get it, let it, roll! We’re starting the weekend early today, May 21, in celebration of BTS’ comeback. And by that, we mean we’re on a “Butter” music video streaming lockdown while we trudge through the work day. We’re not even doing it to simply reach a goal, we genuinely just want our serotonin boost from watching the fun, eye candy-filled work of art.

ARMYs have big streaming goals for BTS’ latest full English track, with the “Dynamite” music video’s one-day record setting a precedent. The fandom’s comeback goal for YouTube alone is 105 million to 110 million views for the music video on its first day and 250 million views for its first week. With such an ambitious project, fanbases are also banding together to help make it happen. 

Philippine fanbases for the group have an upcoming promo project that might catch your eye once it drops next week. Initiated by Taehgers PH together with Bangtan Boys PH and other Filipino fanbases of BTS, they rented the billboard shed and ad boxes at the EDSA – Buendia bus stop near the MRT station from May 25 to June 8 to encourage people to stream. The ad banner includes a big QR code that will lead you to single.

Apart from that, the groups have also prepared four promotional LED ads across Metro Manila from May 25 to June 24.

While some people might need some convincing to watch “Butter,” we don’t. The dance track with ’80s influences is such a feel-good summer-appropriate track and the MV has a ton of highlights that you’ll want to screenshot and save on your phone.

One of them is when RM sings the line “Got ARMY right behind us when we say so” and the members endearingly pose to form the words ARMY. 

Another one of our favorite moments is the elevator scene where the members each get a chance to showcase some of their moves. 

Of course, we’re also big fans of the styling for the video. Sheer shirts over frilled collars? Blazers with big shoulder pads? Jungkook’s eyebrow piercings? Their hair colors (which we’ll be referencing on our next salon appointment)? We’re not even mentioning their superstar glow, which is so real.

Do you think ARMY will reach its “Butter” goal?


Photo screengrabbed from BTS’ “Butter” music video

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