5 oddly helpful Twitter accounts we’re having fun following

I could scroll through these for hours

Twitter is the social media platform that I can’t live without. My villain origin story is how I was never able to join a support group for recovering Twitter fiends because I keep respawning there after deleting accounts. Ultimately, I can’t be blamed since there are just so many accounts catering to my niche-ish interests.

From one constantly online Twitter user to another (I’m assuming), here are accounts that I bet you’ll have fun following, too.

Zillow Gone Wild

Where are my Home Buddies at? If you’re a fan of house plans and interior design, you’ll get a kick out of the wack home listings on Zillow Gone Wild. 

ICYDK, Zillow is an online real estate marketplace based in the U.S. It may come as no surprise to you that one of my personal favorites is a home in Florida. A number of people are guessing (from the humongous closet, carpeted kitchen, and weirdly-placed drains) that it might have been a former cult residence or funeral home.

It’s not all bad though. There are also listings like this “Midsommar”-esque triangle house and this furnished castle with a garage door for its grotto. Talk about design inspo.

Nugu Promoter

Nugu Promoter is like Twitter’s patron saint for K-pop girl groups and soloists from small agencies. Apart from giving us updates on the latest releases and appearances, the team behind the account has also been interviewing these artists to help promote their music.

Nugu Promoter also maintains a couple of series like Underrated Song of the Day and Unknown Disbanded GG of the Day to promote old music videos and groups that might not have reached your radar.

It’s a fantastic effort to help give these artists recognition. If you’re looking for updates on second or third generation groups, try Hag Promoter.

Depths of Wikipedia

Ever gone down the Wikipedia rabbit hole? If the answer is no, let Depths of Wikipedia show you what you’ve been missing. From odd entries on urban myths to photos like the first time a person gave a middle finger on camera, this account compiles the most bizarre entries on the site. 

If you’re looking to stock up on unconventional conversation starters or something to send to your friends at 2 a.m., this page is full of them. It also helps that the account’s admin is pretty funny, too. 

Translated Cats

While I’m aware of the dangers of anthropomorphism, I still crack up when I see talking cat posts. Translated Cats provides machine translations for cat pictures and the results are fantastic.

The cats are dropping lines like “Hold on to the fury.” This one cat named Little Om is telling folks not to laugh at their short-sleeved shirt. There’s a cat claiming that umami enhances coffee’s flavor. It’s so absurd, it’s funny.

Film Updates

Film Updates (and its media account Mediafilm) is dedicated to serving movie and celebrity tidbits. From on-set and afterparty photos to celebrity couples out and about, following this account is like being in on a little secret.

It also tracks cover shoots from smaller publications and celebrity activities outside of Hollywood. Did you hear about the recent race that Michael Fassbender competed in? I did.

Are you giving these Twitter accounts a follow?


Art by Pammy Orlina

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