Barbie Almalbis is coming back this Friday

“Scenes from Inside” is her first album since 2014

It’s truly the aughts all over again. Cargo pants, crochet tops, and all our fave OPM artists are making a comeback. Case in point: Barbie Almalbis is making her return this Friday, July 16. 

Almalbis was everyone’s favorite soft pop rock girl in the ‘00s with her bands Hungry Young Poets and Barbie’s Cradle. However, the singer-songwriter has stayed mostly quiet throughout the 2010s, releasing her last album “My New Heart” in 2014 and a handful of sporadic singles over the years while doing gigs. Honestly, I think she’s pretty much been living her best life on the down low: She still made music, but in the comfort of the home she shares with her artist husband Martin Honasan.

Her long-awaited fourth album, “Scenes from Inside,” is going to be a nine-track pop rock compilation, and it’s apparently her most collaborative one. Among her pool of songwriters: her husband Martin and her aunt Alya Honasan. All of the songwriters she collaborated with on this album are dear to her heart.

“Recording is truly one of my favorite parts about being a musician, but working on everything in one go also often made me feel burned out, and it would take some time to get recharged. For ‘Scenes From Inside,’ we got to focus on just a couple of songs at [a] time, releasing singles instead of an album, allowing us to work at a more relaxed pace, and before we knew it, the album was done! This new process has made this album the easiest one to finish,” she says.

The album will have a virtual launch that will be streamed live on her Facebook page on July 16 from 7 p.m. onwards. It’ll feature Almalbis taking the virtual stage alongside her bandmates (Karel Honasan on bass, Jonard Bolor on drums, and Nikko Rivera on keyboards) and performing her new songs as well as some of her old gems.


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