Sexy highlights from my BTS ‘Permission to Dance’ thirst watch

Guess what my top pick is

preen permission to dance bts suga

As it turns out, BTS’ latest track “Permission to Dance” isn’t “Butter’s” hotter sibling like I initially guessed. It’s closer to a wholesome dance track version of “Life Goes On.” But that won’t stop me from looking out for sexy cowboy content as I was conditioned to by Lil Nas X. I’m listing down the sexy highlights of my thirst watch for the music video that dropped today. As they say, sharing is caring.

Let me start with this shot of RM flexing his guns while singing about listening to Elton John. Was he talking about “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” because that’s a line I want to tell him while looking at his almost see-through white shirt.

preen permission to dance bts jimin

Then, there’s Jimin with his signature suave and flirty dance moves. I can always count on him to bring the spice. I’m obsessed with how he interpreted the vibe of this track.

preen permission to dance bts j-hope

J-Hope’s shorts with flame-shaped stitching under assless chaps are my favorite garments worn in the video. It’s paired with a sleeveless buttoned-down shirt. I’m not big on cowboy fashion but the combo is attention-grabbing.

preen permission to dance suga

Suga leads a second-long hip thrust moment. Even though the tableau is a lot more tame than the “Bapsae” dance break and it’s followed by a cute Jungkook popping up behind Suga, I’m still filing this under hot boy summer things.

preen permission to dance bts taehyung

As the resident facial expression genius, Taehyung knows how to look hot when he wants to. He really amps up his pogi powers in one sequence. My fave detail? The peek at the chunky heart-shaped pendant on his chest.

preen permission to dance bts jungkook

At one point, Jungkook turns into emo cowboy Troy Bolton meets ABBA at a laundry place filled with disco lights. I’m digging the vibe. That figure skater-esque spin at the end also sealed the deal for me.

preen permission to dance bts jin

We were also treated to some chest action from Jin who’s wearing an outfit that I’ve definitely seen on a steamy romance book cover. His shirt also emphasized his broad shoulders. Where can I send a thank you note to the stylist?

I’ve saved the sexiest thing about the music video for last. It’s actually the fact that BTS has incorporated sign language into the choreography. Nothing is hotter than an effort to make sure that all your fans can enjoy your comeback. 


Photos screengrabbed from the “Permission to Dance” MV

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