Are we getting BTS x Ed Sheeran for ‘Permission to Dance’?

Most probably, if songwriting credits count

preen bts ed sheeran permission to dance

While Big Hit Music is tight-lipped on BTS’ upcoming single “Permission to Dance,” Ed Sheeran doesn’t seem to have any trouble spilling a bit of insider info. The new song is the second track on BTS’ “Butter” single album out on July 9. On his Instagram, Sheeran all but confirmed that he helped write the song. 

For an Instagram Live Q&A earlier today, June 29, one fan asked whether he was writing songs for BTS. He replied, “Why, yes. New song coming soon.” Another fan asked him what his favorite BTS song was. His answer? “I’d say my favorite BTS song is their new song ‘Permission to Dance.’” These crumbs are the biggest spoilers that we have on the track so far. 

In a June 27 interview, Sheeran mentioned that he previously wrote a song for BTS (“Make It Right”) and that he’s written another one for the group’s new record. In response to this, Big Hit Music confirmed that Sheeran will be participating in a new BTS song but stated that it “cannot confirm the details” when asked whether it’s the one dropping in July. What a tease.

The question now is whether the track will sound anything like Sheeran’s “Bad Habits.” Big Hit Music released concept photos for the new album and we’re betting that they’ll be dropping a music video, too. If the heart-shaped handcuffs and the skirts the boys wore for the photos are anything to go by, we might be in for a fun surprise. 

While we initially hoped for an Usher-esque club song, we wouldn’t mind getting another ‘80s-inspired dance-pop bop. Do we have your permission to dance?


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