We’re losing our minds over NCT Dream and Loona’s new music

Yep, both groups have new releases today

It’s a good day to be a K-pop fan.

Two groups just released new music today. One is Loona, making their hotly anticipated comeback with their fourth mini-album “[&]” and dropping the title track “Paint The Town” along with its music video. The latter is a high-energy dance track with both Bollywood and hip-hop influences. 

The song is definitely a baddie number, and you can see it in both the lyrics and the black leather outfits the girls don in the MV. I can’t wait to stomp at a club (which is what I call my room now) to the refrain’s “You break it/You make it/You kill it/You want it/You own it/You show it.”

The group itself isn’t the only one making a comeback. Its leader HaSeul, who briefly left to take care of her mental health, is back, too. 

The group also simultaneously released a Korean and Japanese version of “Paint The Town.” According to Soompi, the group will be making their official Japanese debut this September. 

The other group that released new music is NCT sub-unit NCT Dream. The boys released “Hello Future,” a repackaged version of their previous album “Hot Sauce.” It comes with three new songs: “Hello Future,” “오르골 (Life Is Still Going On),” and “Bungee.” They also dropped a music video for “Hello Future” and a special “bonus chapter” video for “Life Is Still Going On.” 

The “Hello Future” MV is a surreal, candy-colored send-up to ’60s hippie culture, showing them driving a hippie wagon across the sky, filling up a stadium with flowers and rainbows, and infiltrating a menacing all-white facility to paint it with neon graffiti. It’s a good complement to the song’s feel-good lyrics.

All in all, we’re pretty well-fed today.


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