LIST: Local drag queen businesses to support

The excitement for the first season of “Drag Race Philippines” is palpable and everyone’s trying to get to know the queens who made it on the cast. While waiting for the show to air, it’s great that the interest in supporting the entire local drag community is also increasing.

Apart from attending live drag shows and viewing parties like “Bekenemen’s,” we suggest supporting drag queen-owned businesses, too. Here’s a list to get you started.

DeLuxe Wigs

Have you ever gotten jealous of Viñas DeLuxe’s gorgeous hair? Lucky for you, the benevolent queen creates wigs for all as the CEO and wig master of DeLuxe Wigs.

While we’re big fans of the big, bold coiffed hair and fun, performance-ready updos, some of our faves from the shop are the ones styled after vintage hairdos. It’s giving high society, your honor. And that wig Iza Calzado was sporting as “Darna” in the series? Also from DeLuxe Wigs.

Wigs by Le Queen

Looking to embody the same beauty and grace as Drag Playhouse matriarch Eva Le Queen? Copping from Wigs by Le Queen might be your best bet.

From super long (we’re talking 65 inches) locks à la Rapunzel to ethereal multicolor mermaid-y beach waves, the shop has a variety of kanekalon wigs that are fit for use straight off the bag or after a round with their limited edition rose gold wig brush. But you can also opt to take advantage of the members-only special rate for the service of its resident wig stylist, Jona Quinn, that comes with every purchase.

Le Couture Wigs

Last but not the least of the wig experts on our list is Abigaile Montgomery of Le Couture Wigs. While also knowing her way around classics like vintage Italian waves, Montgomery is a go-to for recreating more intricate styles like the one Symone sported for “Drag Race” or getting your wig rhinestoned.

Le Couture Wigs has styled wigs for the likes of Manila Luzon. So yes, you’re in good hands.

Prince Beauty

If you’ve vowed against makeup sponges in favor of using a brush, let Prince change your mind. Prince Beauty’s Pro Blend microfiber makeup sponge is quickly becoming a lot of folks’ fave for its airbrush finish. We can’t wait to see what else the brand has in store for us.

If you’ve been looking for drag queen merch on our list, Prince also offers exactly that. Prince Merch has goodies like the holo Clack fan as well as  pins and shirts with her signature neon alien look.

Dope Cosmetics

Drag queens know makeup. Drag monstar (yes, that’s the spelling) Slaytina especially, with her SFX looks. Her brand Dope Cosmetics’ bestsellers are the Spectrum and Warpaint painting palettes which respectively have 26 and 12 colors.

Searching for high-heeled booties and platform pumps? Slaytina is also the CEO of Dope Footwear, which has a selection that includes sexy 8-inch black thigh highs and rhinestone fringe boots. It also has more understated shoes fit for everyday wear.

Lit AF Candle Co.

Morbuck$ has been a chandler (which is just another way of spelling candler but you can also take it as a nod to “Scream Queens’” Chanel Oberlin, one of the drag queen’s influences) since October 2020. Lit AF Candle Co. creates candle products for anyone who wants to exude the same vibe as Morbuck$: a rich b*tch unapologetically wanting more.

Two of the brand’s scented candle collections that caught our eye are the cannabis-inspired Four Twenty collection (which won’t get you high) and the “RuPaul’s Drag Race”-inspired collection which includes a fun watermelon mint mojito candle called “Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve & Talent.”

You’ll also want to watch out for Morbuck$’s upcoming tucking panty brand Mortucks. Details are still under wraps but we’ve been told that it’s about to launch real soon.

Salem’s Crafts

Want to rock a harness? Salem Fuchsia makes custom ones for her shop, Salem’s Crafts. From simple faux leather pieces to glittery ones with silver-plated brass and stainless steel hardware, the harness of your dreams can be made into reality.

Salem Fuchsia also creates custom jewelry and nails. Send them a message if you want to order matching pieces for a particular look. They’re no stranger to that.


Dance classes by ManiQueen for The Addlib

For those hoping to learn how to perform like their fave local drag queen, the occasional dance classes by ManiQueen is the closest we could find right now.

Together with her House of Mizrahi sibling, JP Ponla, ManiQueen sometimes teaches Girlicious classes at The Addlib Dance Studio. It isn’t being offered at the moment but you’ll want to wait for its return to learn some femme power moves from the queen herself.


Art by Ella Lambio

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