Should You Really Buy Into Breathable Nail Polish?

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Should you be worried that your nails aren’t getting the water and oxygen it needs to stay healthy while you’re wearing nail polish? Nail polish companies like Inglot and Orly, with their breathable nail polish lines would tell you yes. But scientific studies have shown that there is no need for breathable nail polish.

In a lengthy report by Allure, they consulted dermatologist Dana Stern who said that nails don’t get their oxygen and water supply from the environment. They get it from your body. She even goes on to declare that water entering your nails through nail polish might be a cause for a disease. “In general, water permeability with polish is not considered desirable as moisture entering the space between nails and polish can result in infection,” she said.

This also dispels the myth that you need to take a break between manicures to allow your nails to “breathe.” It’s simply more about letting them grow as cutting and filing can take their toll.

So the next time you’re approached with another nail myth to coat your need for a new product, be wary. Your nails are fine just as long as you keep a healthy diet.



Photo courtesy of Pixabay

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