Sen. Grace Poe Speaks Up on Extra Judicial Killings

As the Senate evaluates the extra judicial killings, Sen. Grace Poe speaks up on the matter with a fair assessment on both sides of the story. In a recorded statement with, she backs up the need to support the Commission on Human Rights and also commends PNP Chief Ronald dela Rosa on his good communications skills, hoping they’d be used to help the defenseless.

The senator even goes on to say that the police chief is giving statements that do not incriminate his men. General Ronald stated that most killings under police hands are due to suspects resisting arrest, in opposition to just plain police brutality. However, Grace calls on that there should be proper observance of the due process and that the files of the arrests and police operations should be examined to determine if proper procedure is followed.

We hope the same level-headed analysis is shared by more of our lawmakers and fellow citizens. We all could use it with different “jokes” gone awry and rumors of lovers and houses bought from drug money.



Photo courtesy of Grace Poe’s Facebook page

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