How Upcoming Fashion Blogger Kyna Gem Wants to Empower Women

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Blogging remains one of the most effective tools for individuals to express themselves to a wide audience. Many people who started out penning honest opinions behind the screen have been now catapulted into authoritative voices of their different fields.

It is no wonder that for women who are still struggling to find their own voice they opt to start their own blog. What’s more is how one’s online entries or an Instagram post even can help only the person speaking but also the person listening. Blogging creates a community for women to cheer each other on and a clean canvas to create their own world.

This is especially true for Kyna Gem, the self-professed High Heeled Hunter, who doesn’t only think about what blogging has done for her but how her stories can help women just like her. She also dresses quite differently from her peers. She makes it a point to do so in order to show how she believes in being unique is most important.  Read on to find out how being different, true to yourself, and encouraging of others is at the core of her posts.

How has blogging helped you discover what makes you stand out as a person?
There have been some instances when naysayers were keen on putting me down. [I wanted to] fight back, but then again, fighting back and intending to beat them at their own game would defeat my purpose of blogging in the first place which generally is to be a source of inspiration of change for others. It’s a source of love and joy. So I guess, through blogging, that’s what I discovered that makes me stand out not only as an online influencer but as a person.

What can you advise people who want to start their own blog but are afraid?
What are you afraid of? Rejection? Failure? Negative testimonials? Judgments? If yes, then all the more reason you need to start blogging! Conquering fear is a choice, a decision you make and stand up to.

What are the top things that make you different from the rest? What can readers take away from your blog?
I’m different—my style is different and very personal, which is exactly what I’m advocating for. In a nutshell, what I want to pass on to my readers lies in the question, “Do you really want to be just like everybody else?”

In turn, what can help people find out what makes them different from everyone else?
To begin with, they already are different from everybody else! You reading this, you already are unique, different, and wonderfully made!

How do you respond to constructive criticism?
Constructive criticisms are the absolute best! There was one time when a reader told me to make my outfits more relatable, so what I did was incorporate the things I consider “relatable” while incorporating some pieces I think are unique. It’s an example of my readers wanting to convey creativity but in a more familiar form, and me heeding to what my readers want. At the end of the day, it’s all about what I can give to them and not what I can gain from them.

How do you build up your courage to write and create content?
When writing, what I usually do is plump myself in a relaxed, comfortable position and blog on my phone. The environment, ambiance, and overall condition yields for a very open (and not to mention personal) blog post! But of course, I always make sure to insert disclaimers all over. (Laughs) I’m scared [of being] misunderstood!

What can you say to people who believe that you’re trying too hard just to be noticed?
I don’t exert that much effort into dressing up or choosing what to wear come mornings. I genuinely have fun picking which outfit to wear. Also, long before blogging, I’ve always dressed “differently,” so to speak.

Who are other personalities you look up to for being who they are without fear of being judged?
I’m going to get all Biblical now! (Laughs) The people I look up to would have to be Jesus’ disciples—they stood up for what they believed in, to the extent of getting stoned to death or beheaded. It’s extremely difficult to broadcast one’s beliefs and values without getting judged or laughed at. And I have had my fair share of laughs and mockery, I know what it feels like! I think we’re slaves to [the] opinions of others, and that’s something we have to choose to break free from. I’m sure the rewards are just as fulfilling as it were during the days of the disciples.

What inspires you to change up your style and look?
I guess wherever my mood goes, that’s where I’ll be! (Laughs)

How can women help each other to be empowered and to believe in themselves?
Most of the time, it’s us who actually bring each other down—we’re envious, jealous, and insecure. The only thing that could battle negativity is a touch of its opposite—a touch of love, of compassion, of forgiveness, of empathy. It all starts with love and the rest will follow.


Photo by Arielle Gocela
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