Filipinos Have Been Tweeting the Wrong Rachel Peters

We understand the excitement of voting for your favorite Miss Universe candidate. So excited that sometimes you mistakenly tag the first “Rachel Peters” you see on Twitter. In this case, it did happen but “the other Rachel” had the best reaction through all of them.

Animator Rachel Peters first clarified to everyone that she’s not the Philippines’ bet. “But it’s totally cool that you saw my avatar and thought I could be,” she wrote.

She then started tweeting the hashtags #ImNotMissUniverse and #IMustBeMissUniverse.

As the Twitter voting started, Rachel thanked the fans that were still tweeting her for giving her motivation to work on her project. Because that’s how everyone should utilize the “Win the crown” messages.

She still questioned why Filipinos thought she was a beauty queen, considering her bio and photo, but she’s embracing the title “Miss Alternate Universe.” She even gave our Rachel a vote and considered moving to the Philippines.

To be fair, Rachel Peters is a pretty common name. Plus, there are several fan accounts dedicated to the beauty queen. So it’s okay, other Rachel! The Miss Universe pageant will end in a few hours, hence, the tweets will stop too. (Hopefully.)

For those who are wondering, the real Rachel’s Twitter account is @rachelpetersx. Go send her some love!


Photo courtesy of Rachel Peters’ Instagram account

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