Imee Marcos plays the victim card, calls herself a “punching bag”

It’s final: The newly-elected senators were proclaimed this morning and not everyone is thrilled about it.

Imee Marcos, who placed 8th in the Senate’s “Magic 12,” had a few words to her critics before her proclamation. “Huwag na kayo matakot sa akin kasi hindi naman ako mapaghiganti. Gagawa lang tayo ng trabaho,” (Don’t be afraid of me because I’m not vengeful. I will just focus on work.) she told reporters at the PICC in Pasay City. She will officially take her sit in the Senate on June 30.

Netizens weren’t buying this statement. Some brought up the fact she was responsible for college student Archimedes Trajano’s torture and murder.

Marcos also emphasized that her family isn’t worried about “vindication” because they’ve gone through a lot already. She noted she and her family has been hit with so many issues that they’re used to it by now. She even called herself a “punching bag” because of all the “hate” she’s been getting.

Was this a subtle way of telling us to move on again from Martial Law and her family’s crimes? Also, it’s not hate if people just want the truth about certain issues like faking one’s university credentials and the Marcoses’ ill-gotten wealth.

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