This sports bra has a pocket for your phone

nike swoosh bra

nike swoosh bra

Like most women, I have a love/hate relationship with sports bras. Sure, they give me the support I need when I’m killing it at the gym, but the designs aren’t always that great. I’m sure we’ve all experienced trying to fit the pads in just the right spot before going for a run.

With these pain points in mind, Nike was able to make some innovations to the sports bras we’re used to seeing. Enter the Nike Swoosh One Piece Pad Sports Bra and the Nike Ultrabreathe Sports Bra. The brand updated their classic Swoosh Sports Bra and added a top-loading functionality, wherein “the pad is designed to keep your shape without losing its place when in motion.” The best part? It can also act as a pocket where you can keep your phone while you’re working out.

nike swoosh one piece pad sports bra

The Ultrabreathe Sports Bra, on the other hand, is Nike’s lightest bra, which is perfect for humid environments (AKA the Philippines).

nike ultrabreathe sports bra

So, why did Nike feel the need to address these issues women face with sports bras? Senior creative director for women’s bras and innovations Nicole Rendone explains, “Women already face enough complications in their daily lives, a sports bras shouldn’t be one of them.”

Both sports bras are available at Nike Park stores nationwide.


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