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spotlight preen

spotlight preen

If you’re a professional newsfeed scroller (aka me in quarantine), you’ve probably seen the popular “e-girl” (electronic girl) aesthetic. This trendy look has everyone trying it out, including our girls Dua Lipa and Jenna Marbles. 

As the name implies, the alt aesthetic is popular among girls who are highly active online, like our TikTok gals, Twitch streamers and IG baddies. The look is inspired by emo and goth subcultures with hints of anime sprinkled in to create a blend of cute and edgy. I mean…what’s not to love? 

Since it might be daunting to try out the look yourself, we’ve provided a list of tricks for our first time e-girls. So whether you just want to try the look for a TikTok or you’re planning on committing to it, we’ve got you covered. 

It’s all in the e-yes

The e-girl aesthetic can be anything you want it to be. Eye look-wise, you can put on the darkest liner you have and apply it sharp enough to cut a man, or go “im baby” and put on a soft pastel eyeshadow. If you’re going with the baddie look, you can use the 8-in-1 Blockbuster nude palette from new Filipino makeup line Spotlight Cosmetics to pack on a smokey eye and wing it out with their Showstopper liquid eyeliner.

scene stealer
Spotlight Cosmetics Scene Stealer 8-in-1 Eye Palette in Blockbuster Nudes, P495

Have fun with heavy blush

Here comes the super fun part—packing on that blush. The secret to e-girl blush is applying it on the high parts of your cheek as well as across the bridge of your nose (or even the tip for the more daring ones!). It’s similar to the igari “Japanese hangover” makeup look which replicates the flush you get on your cheeks after a good buzz. 

It’s easy to go overboard and turn full clown though, so be careful with your application. For beginner e-girls, a tint-like product like the Rising Star lip and cheek paint from Spotlight Cosmetics could be easier to use to achieve your fantasy blush look. The mousse-y texture is blendable and lightweight, so even if you make a mistake or fear that you’ve put on too much, you can blend this product easily.

rising lip and cheek
Spotlight Cosmetics Rising Star Lip and Cheek Paint in Delightful Damsel, P295

Dot on faux freckles

Tumblr chicks circa 2014, faux freckles are back. Typically for this aesthetic, the freckles are placed on top of your blush. Lightly scatter the dots around your face first just to get a feel of what you might want best and work your way from there. (You might like putting them on your nose bridge, you might not. Up to you!)

If it’s your first time applying faux freckles, try using an eyeliner pencil so if you make a mistake, it’ll be easier to blend in or erase. For this, you can use Spotlight’s Showstopper eyeliner pencil; we recommend using the mainstay brown color for a more realistic look.

pencil spotlight
Spotlight Cosmetics Showstopper Eyeliner Pencil in Mainstay Brown, P195

Don’t skip the lips

No look is complete without a good lippie. As with everything about the e-girl aesthetic, creativity and extra-ness is key. If you’re going for the gothic e-girl look, try a bold and dark lip like Spotlight Cosmetics’ Superstar lip crayon in Blazing Star. If you’re going the soft pastel e-girl route, try their nude pink lip in Cheeky Sweetheart. If you want to be totally extra, you can also mix and match lippies: Try a different color for the top and bottom lip, go gradient, or even go full Cheshire Cat stripes. Sky’s the limit.

Spotlight Cosmetics Superstar Lip Crayon in Blazing Star, P295

Wear your heart on your cheek

And finally the ultimate e-girl signature, a heart (or two!) on your cheeks. Much like Marina, formerly known as Marina and the Diamonds, e-girls are known for rocking a heart on their cheeks. Cue the song “How to be a Heartbreaker.” To achieve this, get your trusty felt-tip liner again and draw a heart as big as your own. 

liquid eyeliner
Spotlight Cosmetics Showstopper Liquid Eyeliner in All-Day Black, P295

No matter the look you’re trying to achieve, it’s always important to remember that the power of makeup is all about having fun. Creativity has no age and self-love will forever be timeless. So if you’re wanting to try being an e-girl or maybe just looking to explore other parts of yourself, go forth and feel your oats. The makeup world is yours. 

Don’t forget to check out the release of Spotlight Cosmetics on Oct. 1 at Watsons, The SM Beauty, Lazada and Shopee. 


Art by Tricia Guevarra

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