We’re missing KENZO and these iconic collaborations

When you think of the brand KENZO, you’re most likely to think of its urban jungle patterns. It all started when designer Kenzo Takada opened up his first store “Jungle Jap,” with it’s Henri Rousseau inspired interiors. From there, Takada climbed up the ladders of the fashion industry. One of his designs was featured in the cover of Elle back in 1970 and the rest is history.

As we all still mourn the death of the brand’s founder Kenzo Takada, let’s look back at some of KENZO’s iconic collabs:


Back in 2016, the brand launched its much anticipated collaboration with H&M. The collection included dresses, jackets, jumpsuits, clutch bags and accessories in patterns that truly embody the jungle aesthetic of KENZO. Aside from its dope designs, it was also modeled by Chance the Rapper, which had people raving about it. My favorite piece was the short dressed adorned with ruffles modeled by Chloe Sevigny.

KENZO x Vans

It’s always so fulfilling to see luxury brands partner with street fashion ones because it’s like getting the best of both worlds. And while Vans products are mostly marketed to skaters, it seems like everyone, even non-skaters, wanted to get their hands on this collection. If it weren’t for budget constraints, I would cop a pair so it would go well with my penny board—especially the Old Skool Tulipes sneakers 

KENZO x Britney Spears

No, her loneliness isn’t what’s killing her. It’s how hot the La Collection Monumento No 2 is. In this collaboration, KENZO combined his iconic urban jungle aesthetics with Britney’s timeless denim look to make magic. I don’t think I could pull off the look as well as Britney but it’s really sexy and chic.

KENZO x Inglot Cosmetics

And while this collab only happened behind the scenes of Paris Fashion Week 2017, it’s still worth noting that it gave birth to the exclusive KENZO x Inglot Cosmetics nail enamel for men. During the show, we got to see KENZO gradient nail art both for men and women—inspired by the auroras in Iceland. Who says putting on nail polish is a gendered thing?


Art by Tricia Guevara

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