Ha.Mu’s diffusion brand creates too cool for school uniforms

preen muu.haa ss 2021

preen muu.haa ss 2021

Uniforms have suffered a bad rep. They’ve been viewed as restrictive and have been known to surface some school memories we’d rather forget (like how an entire room filled with the scent of body spray smells like). But there’s a new brand in town that’s making a case for uniforms as it reimagines the garments for the Class of 2021 and beyond: muu.haa. 

RTW brand muu.haa is the diffusion brand-child of contemporary artisan label Ha.Mu. muu.haa’s concept is creating “uniform-like” pieces that can be mixed and matched easily with existing pieces in your closet. Not straying too far from Ha.Mu’s minimalist and maximalist fusion approach and still incorporating its signature egg design, muu.haa is both familiar and new. 

The brand is powered by the Benilde Hub of Innovation for Inclusion at the Peter D. Garrucho Jr. Innovations Institute. The institute approached Abraham Guardian and Mamuro Oki, designers and brand owners of Ha.Mu, in 2019. With its support, muu.haa launched its first campaign on Jan. 28.

Says muu.haa: “The main focus and inspiration for the SS 2021 collection is reinventing basic silhouettes of how we understand what school uniforms mean and what purpose they serve for the wearer. We also wanted to add our own playful twist to the details of the garments that we designed while taking into consideration the various functions and activities these pieces would be best suited for.”

Comfortable and fashion-forward, the brand is also conscious of fabric consumption and wastage from production. Its designers create bucket hats and packaging from the excess fabrics from each piece.

Here’s a peek at muu.haa SS 2021 collection available on its website.

preen muu.haa ss 2021 1
Models are pictured wearing The Toy Soldier Bucket Hat, The Uniform Shirt in black, The Two-Toned Pinstripe Coat, The Two-Paneled Denim Jeans, The Multiway Dress/Skirt and The muu.haa Sports Socks.
preen muu.haa ss 2021 2
Models are pictured wearing The Shapes Vest (Limited Edition), The Uniform Shirt in black, The Uniform Shorts in black, The Shapes Vest in pinstripe and The Multiway Wrap Overskirt.
preen muu.haa ss 2021 3
Models are pictured wearing The Egg Pajama Shirt and The Egg Pajama Pants.
preen muu.haa ss 2021 4
Models are pictured wearing The Uniform Shirt in blue, The Uniform Shorts in blue and The Paper Bag in genuine leather.

Photography: Wilmark Jolindon
Art Direction: Jobo Nacpil
Hair and Makeup Artist: Aria Ortega
Worn by: Eron Sagun and Imma Colarina
Noodles layout design: Eron Sagun
Designers: Abraham Guardian and Mamuro Oki


Photos courtesy of müü.haa

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