These 7 shops sell accessories and merch for every K-pop stan

If you’ve been wondering where to buy K-pop accessories to incorporate your love for your idol groups into your daily looks, look no further as we rounded up a list of K-pop accessories stores to fit any K-pop stan’s style.


“As K-pop fans ourselves, we know that not everyone can easily afford K-pop light sticks, that’s why we thought of making a whole collection inspired by K-pop groups’ light sticks and added a little twist to each design,” said the owner of Quielle on their K-pop collection. 

Quielle’s pieces range from dainty to chunky designs to accommodate fans with varying tastes. designs. The shop sells rings, necklaces and bracelets made of 18k gold plated stainless steel chain and 18k gold plated copper charms encrusted with sparkly cubic zirconia stones. 



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Heartmade should be your go-to place if you’re into resin-made pieces, among them keychains that look like glass. The resin art shop accepts customized orders (just like that gorgeous “Lovesick” key ring) to incorporate your bias’ name or favorite songs or quotes from your idols. They also offer heart phone hooks to stick on the back of your phone or for your walls to hang your keyrings on. 

Mu’s Accessories

For stans into more classic pieces, Mu’s Accessories sells BTS-themed jewelry made of white gold, gold and silver plated alloy. Its necklaces are hypoallergenic and do not tarnish, while the sparkly pieces can glam up your look even if you’re just wearing a simple shirt. Don’t let the shop’s tiny necklaces make you think they’re just for subtle add-ons, as you can also layer them with other necklaces to create a bolder look. 

Juliet MNL


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If you like wearing flowers, this Quezon City-based accessories shop presses flowers in resin. Currently, the shop only sells BTS-inspired accessories but is looking forward to releasing other pieces inspired by Blackpink, EXO and Twice. If you still haven’t gotten a hang of Good Boy, it also has a Start-Up collection you can check out. “[We] just want to make something that will make any K-pop fan say “Saranghae,” and that is through our jewelry pieces,” said the owner. 

Comets Crush


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Comets Crush is a shop that makes adorable key rings. The products, which range from keyrings, keyring holders and button pins, start at P75. 

We find the designs of the Fandom Facts keyrings playful and witty. “At first, it was self-indulgent since I really just wanted my designs as keyrings so I can use them. Now, I release K-pop inspired accessories because it is a combination of the things I love – design and K-pop,” said the Comets crush owner.

Daisy Lab


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There’s a way to incorporate your Y2K style with K-pop. Daisy Lab specializes in handmade bead pieces to accessorize your baby tees, low-cut jeans and baguette bags to complete that Y2K look. The shop customizes orders and you can have your bias’ name designed on a bracelet with colored beads that fit their personality. Don’t you think the blue beads fit Jisung’s personality?

Dana, the owner of Daisy Lab found doing beadwork therapeutic and used the craft as a way to help by starting a fundraising called “Bead with a Cause” when the country was wrecked with typhoons. She continued her art after receiving support from her friends from Sundae Club. According to her, bead items are thoughtful pieces since their makers take the time to think of designs.

Sundae Club

What we like about Sundae Club is that they offer various designs of keyrings inspired by various groups. Usually, shops only sell designs from limited K-pop groups, from the usuals Blackpink and BTS. But Sundae Club also sells WannaOne stickers, NCT keyrings and even a keyring with an AR video from Twice’s More and More which aren’t found in other shops.

Just like its name, Sundae Club promises sweet treats for every K-pop stan, literally. Aside from the always almost sold-out keyrings (they sell so fast) the shop sells Lunchbox cake designs to your liking.

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