Queer and religious David Archuleta has a message for bigots

“I [needed] to see why God loved me for who I am,” he says

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Listening to David Archuleta sing the lines “‘Cause the possibility that you would ever feel the same way about me, it’s just too much” and “Why do I keep running from the truth? All I ever think about is you” during Pride month is always an experience™. Now, 13 years after “Crush’s” release, the queers can finally claim it. Archie has come out.

On June 13, the “American Idol” alum opened up about figuring out his sexuality and coming out as someone with a religious upbringing. I’m sure it’s something that hits close to home, especially for his local LGBTQIA+ fans (who probably own a copy of his OPM album and watched “Nandito Ako” on TV5). 


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“I’ve been open to myself and my close family for some years now that I am not sure about my own sexuality. I came out in 2014 as gay to my family. But then, I had similar feelings for both genders so maybe [I’m on] a spectrum of bisexual. Then I also have learned I don’t have [as] much sexual desires and urges as most people. Which works, I guess, because I have a commitment to save myself until marriage. Which people call asexual ,” Archuleta said.

He stated that people of faith can do better to listen to the struggles of LGBTQIA+ members of their religious communities. “I just invite you to please consider making room to be more understanding and compassionate to those who are LGBTQIA+ and trying to find that balance with their faith—which also is a huge part of their identity,” he said.

“I’ve tried for almost 20 years to try and change myself until I realized [that] God made me how I am for a purpose. And instead of hating what I have considered wrong, I need to see why God loved me for who I am and that it’s not just [because of my] sexuality. So many other traits of [mine] come from how I’ve been created,” he explained. “If other people choose to live differently than what you’ve been raised to believe is right, please have compassion because it’s most likely been an exhausting journey for them to be OK with the feelings they have and never have been able to change.”

His advice for fellow queer folk of faith? “Even if you’re left with so many more questions with faith and sexuality like me, I believe being open to both questions and to faith is how we receive answers.”

If you’re experiencing struggles similar to Archuleta’s and are looking for a support system, we highly recommend attending LGBT-affirming church Open Table MCC’s services held every Sunday at 3:30 PM. You are not alone.


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